Friday, May 21, 2021

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to put LED lights on 92mm case fans
How to put LED lights on 92mm case fans, the easiest way.

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     92mm case fan

      Case Fans are used as cooling purposes on pc peripherals. Fans are important parts of a system unit aside from cooling it gives a boost speed on the software processing and gives hardware components long lifespan.

      Computer components needs better airflow inside its case for it to perform best. Cooling devices nowadays such as case fans evolve  to make better cooling  on computer system components much better and presentable like installing water coolants and LED lights. Fans are now customized distinct with every individual peripherals to fit its own design. CoolerMaster, Antec, Enermax, and Thermalright are best brands on market, They have cheap price but better performance than other brands.

      Most Fans are sold without led lights and fans with led lights are on demand, most of the time its out of stock.

      Now for the tutorial, we need these tools:
Small wires, soldering iron, solder, drill, 4 pcs. 1k ohms resistor, 4pcs led lights  and electrical tape, 92mm case fan.

      It's up to you how many led lights will you install, First thing to do is to drill a part on the fan  where you want to install the led; once done leave the fan for now.
       Next thing to do is to cut some small wires and connect the resistors  to the led light positive side( note: longer lead is positive) using the wires and use the soldering iron to connect them. Get the fan and watch the visible wires, disconnect one red wire and one black wire.  solder the red wire to the other side of the resistor and solder also a small wire from the positive side of the led to the pcb where you cut the red wire. Next, solder the black wire to the negative side of the led(short lead is negative) and connect a small wire from the negative side of the led to the pcb where you cut the black wire.
       Lastly, Test what you've done.

92mm case fan